Friday, July 03, 2009

All Earth Shield Waterstop Profiles Are Now Available With Factory Installed Brass Eyelets

New for 2009, all ribbed Earth Shield Waterstop profiles are available with factory installed brass eyelets. The eyelets provide for a convenient and durable tie-off point for wire tying the waterstop to the steel reinforcement prior to the concrete pour. JP Specialties installs the brass eyelets at 12" centers, between the last two ribs, to provide maximum resistance and rigidity to the poured concrete weight.

Note to specifier: To add factory installed brass eyelets to your Earth Shield specification, simply precede the specified part number with "EY." Example: If you are specifying JP636 and want the optional eyelets, call out part number EYJP636.


Unknown said...

minimum how much centimetere should
be allowed in frist lift

David R. Poole said...

Asif, I believe your question is in regards to embedment of the waterstop profile, in which case the answer is one half the waterstop width. (E.G. for a 6 inch [150 mm] waterstop profile, 3 inches [75 mm] would be embedded on the first pour and 3 inches [75 mm] would remain for the second. This way the waterstop creates an internal dam across the joint.)