Thursday, March 11, 2010

Earth Shield Retrofit Waterstop for a Variety of Applications

Joining new concrete to existing concrete requires the use of a waterstop if the joint is to be fluid-proof. However, this formed joint has always been problematic for Engineers and Contractors, as properly installing a standard waterstop across a preformed joint is difficult, expensive, and usually a compromise. Traditionally, Engineers have accomplished the task by specifying the use of a standard embedded waterstop within a sawcut and epoxy-grout filled channel. This labor-intensive and costly method has often produced questionable results due to the potential cold joint formed between the epoxy and the existing concrete surface from shrinkage. Furthermore, by sawcutting the existing concrete, the Contractor may be inadvertently destroying the reinforcing steel within the concrete.

Earth Shield currently manufactures six polymer systems that offer Engineers, Owners, and Contractors real solutions for retrofitting applications. All of the systems are non-destructive — there is no sawcutting of the existing concrete, and therefore no destruction of the internal reinforcing steel. All of the systems feature chemical bond (epoxy), as well as mechanical anchor system (stainless steel batten bar and bolts). All of the systems are manufactured from a fully cross-linked thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), which provides broad-spectrum resistance to a variety of aggressive chemicals, long life span (entire lifecycle of structure), and excellent physical properties (tensile strength, elongation, etc.).

All six Earth Shield retrofit waterstops systems can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Therefore, they are equally suited for joining slab to wall or wall to slab. A frequent application is for the Contractor to pour the slab monolithically; apply an Earth Shield retrofit waterstop system to the cured slab (green concrete is perfectly acceptable); and cast containment walls (curbs) on top of the waterstop. All of our retrofit waterstop systems can be factory fabricated to fit-to-print dimensions, leaving little to no welding for the Contractor in the field.

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