Thursday, April 20, 2017

Join New Concrete to Existing Concrete With Earth Shield Retrofit Waterstop

Earth Shield Part No. JP325T installed in an expansion joint.
Retrofit waterstop is designed to provide a fluid-tight seal between existing and new concrete construction, without resorting to the labor-intensive and structurally destructive saw-cut-and-grout method. It is ideal for constructing a new containment curb or wall to an existing slab, or joining a new slab to an existing wall. Special profile fabrications are available for columns and pipe penetrations.

All of our retrofit waterstops are sold as a system, and include all the necessary stainless steel bars and bolts. We also offer a high-quality chemical resistant novolac epoxy — VEN 1000. Earth Shield® retrofit waterstops are manufactured with our proprietary thermoplastic vulcanizate compound, which provides for unsurpassed chemical resistance.

Like all our thermoplastic vulcanizate waterstops, Earth Shield® retrofit can be heat-welded using a standard waterstop splicing iron. This allows for easy field fabrications, and allows the waterstop to function as a continuous, homogeneous, fluid-tight diaphragm. Waterstop change of directions can be purchased along with straight roll stock, and custom, fit-to-print waterstop modules are produced to order. Prefabricated ells, tees, tank pads, column fittings, and many others are in stock and ready to ship.

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