Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ribbed Centerbulb Waterstop

Earth Shield® Waterstop part no. JP636
Ribbed centerbulb is the most versatile type of waterstop available. The centerbulb accommodates lateral, transverse, and shear movement. Ribbed centerbulb can be used in expansion, construction, and control joints. Ribbed centerbulb waterstops provide superior anchoring abilities and a long fluid-flow path because of the multiple ribs on the exterior flanges. Under stress, the multiple ribs will distort less than a dumbbell type waterstop. This is because the stress is first applied to the inward-most anchoring rib, and decreases to the subsequent ribs. The centerbulb allows for joint movement beyond the ultimate elongation of the material (530%), without causing distortion to anchoring ribs. All of our ribbed centerbulb waterstops are manufactured with a large outer diameter centerbulb. This centerbulb, coupled with the outstanding mechanical properties of our proprietary TPV elastomer (ultimate elongation, tensile strength, etc.), provides for unsurpassed joint movement and sealing abilities. Like all our thermoplastic vulcanizate waterstops, Earth Shield® ribbed centerbulb waterstop can be heat-welded using a standard waterstop splicing iron. This allows for easy field fabrications, and allows the waterstop to function as a continuous, homogeneous, fluid-tight diaphragm. Waterstop change of directions can be purchased along with straight roll stock, and custom, fit-to-print waterstop modules are produced to order. Prefabricated ells, tees, tank pads, column fittings, and many others are in stock and ready to ship.

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