Friday, September 07, 2018

Flat Strip Waterstop

Flat strip waterstop is installed most often in below grade applications, with limited movement. Flat strip waterstop functions in construction and contraction (control) joints. Both JP637 and JP937 are all 3/8” thick... The largest and thickest profiles available in the industry! Like all our thermoplastic waterstops, Earth Shield® flat strip waterstop can be heat-welded using a standard waterstop splicing iron allowing for easy field fabrications and enable the waterstop to function as a continuous, homogeneous, fluid-tight diaphragm. Waterstop directional changes are available along with straight roll stock. Custom, fit-to-print waterstop modules are produced to order. Prefabricated ells, tees, tank pads, column fittings, and many others are in stock and ready to ship.

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